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Insulindependence works exclusively with organizations who demonstrate a genuine commitment to achieving our vision of reducing the burden of diabetes in the United States through physical activity and peer support. By connecting our individual members with trusted industry partners, Insulindependence is creating shared value throughout our sector and within the communities we serve. To learn more about corporate membership, please contact us at

Our Corporate Members

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Dexcom; The Glucose Sensor Company

Makers of the G4 Platinum, an all-new Continuous Glucose Monitor featuring an extended 20 foot range, glucose trends in vibrant color and a sleek and small receiver available in three colors – Classic Black, Ocean Blue, and Tickled Pink.


Tandem Diabetes Care

The t:slim® Insulin Pump is the first insulin pump with a touch screen, and embodies a fresh new design approach with the most requested features asked for in a next-generation pump.


Profil Institute for Clinical Research

Advancing Clinical Research for Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiometabolic Diseases

Profil Institute is world-renowned as a Center of Excellence for diabetes and obesity early phase clinical research. The company’s advances in early phase drug research and its specific focus on diabetes, obesity and cardiometabolic diseases as it relates to the diabetic patient population have led Profil Institute to be the most highly regarded clinical research institute for early phase diabetes drug trials.

Silver Members |  


Glucolift All-Natural Glucose Tablets

Glucolift GlucoLift glucose tablets are the first and only all-natural glucose tablets created by a diabetic to quickly and safely relieve low blood sugar without artificial colors, flavors, or genetically modified ingredients.

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Research & Product News For People With Diabetes

OMNIPODLOGOC.RGB The OmniPod Insulin Pump. Tubeless. Wireless. Waterproof Pod.

The world’s first tubing-free insulin pump, the OmniPod® Insulin Management System is discreet and durable, wireless and incredibly easy to use. And now the OmniPod is 34% smaller, 25% lighter and 16% slimmer than before!

Innovating for Life

For over 25 years, Medtronic has been committed to helping people with diabetes and health care providers achieve better outcomes and get more out of life. 

PRA_Cebix_CBX29801-DN-201_ACT1VE Study Logo_FINAL_23Oct2012 Cebix Incorporated

Cebix is developing Ersatta™, a proprietary disease-modifying replacement peptide for the treatment of complications associated with diabetes. Ersatta™ is a long-acting form of C-peptide that has the potential to reduce the chronic complications of diabetes, including progressive damage to the nerves, kidneys, and retina.